As with many Italian immigrants moving to America, the vision for many was to
come to the land of opportunity and fulfill their goal to establish a better life for
themselves along with giving back to this great country. Through their endeavors,
their great work ethic, talents and amazing skills shined through touching every
different culture of people in all different trades. For many it was by the means of great
architecture and for others it was through the love of making authentic Italian food,
the old fashioned way, the way it was done back home. In the early 1990's we embarked
on a vision, and established Lia's Pizzeria. Our passion was to create a
family atmosphere where people could come and experience the taste of Italy from
a world away. From the kitchen of a local place we prepared Italy's most timeless
dishes using the best natural ingredients, from the best tomato's to the finest dough.
As our desires to carry out our dreams grew larger, so did our clientele. Within the
last few years, we expanded and opened up two additional locations in Franklin Square
and most recently in Syosset. From the kitchen of each of these great establishments,
every customer of Lia's is guaranteed to feel at home with our family, where they
can taste the most authentic dishes and receive outstanding service.

Whether it's for your next family gathering or a corporate event,